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Penshurst School Research

Penshurst West Public School Research Project:

Whole Class Team Teaching in Oral Language (Sept. 2012)


Research links the benefits of Speech-Language Therapists working in the classroom context to positive learning outcomes for children with difficulty understanding or using spoken language (McCusker H.,2007 OLSEL project). 1.5 hours of team teaching was conducted in a Year 1 classroom over 10 weeks, at Penshurst West Public School.

Children were assessed before and after the teaching program in terms the amount of information (vocabulary) that they could provide and their grammar (using The Renfrew Action Picture Test Catherine Renfrew 1995). Improvements in both vocabulary and grammar were documented for children with language learning difficulties, as well as for the children in the average to above average ranges.


Assessment Results for Information from the Renfrew Action Picture Test


Assessment Results for Grammar from the Renfrew Action Picture Test


Lugarno Public School

Speech Therapy at Lugarno Public School

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