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Mentioned in State Parliament

Penshurst West PS has a unique Speech Pathologist noted in State Parliament.

Penshurst West Public School staff and community chose to be part of the new "Local Schools Local Decisions" program.  As one of only 229 schools state wide the school has the ability to choose programs and make changes that are in the best interests of students and best meet student needs.

One important need identified by the school was for a Speech Pathologist to work alongside teachers in the classroom to enhance early language and avoid language impairment being a barrier to learning to read. Mrs Sarah Barton from ALLSALT Speech Pathology works in the school in classrooms one day a week. Mrs Barton's time has been funded through the Federal Empowering Local School's initiative.

The program has been set up as an Action Learning Project and the school has data to confirm the difference this project has made to the oral and reading skills of students.

On 2nd May 2013 the school was mentioned in State Parliament for this innovative program:

Penshurst West PS is implementing a Speech Pathology in the Classroom program - employing a speech pathologist to work with students with a Specific Language Impairment. The speech pathologist worked in a classroom with the classroom teacher. As a result of this program the student's growth in oral language and writing skill has been significant. The speech pathologist also took small groups to work on oral language skills to help reading. In Kindergarten all of the students in the speech pathology group improved in their phonemic awareness and sound blending (pathologist example)

"Our students are directly benefiting from the ability to make important funding decisions based on student need.  We are also able to fund important gifted and talented programs, innovative digital media for learning and a working memory project.  These are proving that appropriately funded local decisions make a real difference to student learning."  said the principal Mrs Merrilyn Jenkins. "Our community knows the power of these innovative programs and that our school is a place where children love to learn".

Merrilyn Jenkins



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